Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

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You got me in chains for your love but I wouldn’t change this love.

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*types in /tagged/me after ur url* “page not found”


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So uh, I haven’t seen this on my dash, but check out this kickstarter!

They’re waterballoons that SELF TIE, make a HUNDRED at a time, AND AND they’re biodegradablee!! Seriously why isn’t this all over my dash yet??

They’ve already reached WAY over their goal, but you can still get some early bird deliveries for an early start of the water balloon madness!

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"save broadway" - a sketch on SNL.


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friendly reminder that if we’re mutuals and you wanna exchange snapchat names or instagram or something you’re more than welcome (encouraged) to shoot me an ask

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i fucking hate tumblr so much seriously

you guys are always like “i want equality!” except gay people are better than straight people and women are better than men and poc are better than white people and trans people are better than cis people

if you claim you want equality, but put someone down because they’re privileged, that doesn’t make you an advocate for equality, it makes you an asshole

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Can you imagine the conversation though?

Queen: I’m going

Chief of Staff: But, Your Majesty, the security risks…

Queen: I’m going I want cake 

Chief of Staff:


Chief of Staff: 

Queen: I want cake

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Johnny was born in a mining village and launched a career in domestic service in an effort to escape a life down the pit.

Charming and hard-working, he was popular with the other servants. Unfortunately he was on probation for fighting whilst under the influence of drink and a disastrous night out in resulted in a second conviction and a spell in Borstal. His life appeared to be in ruins, but thanks to Mr Pritchard’s intervention, he was restored to Eaton Place.

Johnny’s conduct since has been exemplary, and Mr Pritchard considers him his protégé. But Johnny is too young and innocent to be anything other than excited by the prospect of war, and the feverish atmosphere around the Munich Agreement goes to his head. Acting on impulse, he makes a decision which affects Mr Pritchard, his steadfast friend, in a profound and lasting manner which will see Johnny grow from a boy to a man.
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