Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

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Fat Black Girl Takeover.

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''colorblindcamera's entire page is stolen/reposted images. Holy shit, what a jerk.'' so? don't look my tumblr if you don't like it. I can not know who took every image




I’m not talking about merely reblogging pretty pictures without sources, which is a larger problem on tumblr - I’m talking about you knowingly saving someone’s GIF or art to your computer and then re-posting it on your page with no link back to the person who made it. In those instances you CAN and DO know who created the image because they are here on tumblr and you saved it from their page. You could just click “reblog” instead - it’s way quicker and would be sourced directly to the person who worked hard to create it. When you re-post instead of reblog a graphic, you are preventing the people who like and reblog it from knowing who made it. Many artists like to read the feedback and tags people write on their images, re-posting prevents that. In some ways, it can even insinuate that YOU created the image - which is beyond fucked up.

You are apparently a photographer - would you appreciate someone stealing your photos and passing them off as their own or preventing the people who enjoy them from knowing it is your work? I highly doubt it.

colorblindcamera finnepicslice justagirlnamedkayla

colorblindcamera It’s not OK to tell someone to piss off your blog when you’ve been called out for repeatedly doing something that you’re aware of is offensive. do not try and justify yourself, just apologize. I know where you’re coming from​, finding stuff on the internet and uploading it to tumblr for your own enjoyment is normal, people do it all the time - out of ignorance. I did it! I used to think it was no big fuckin deal until one photographer whose photo I edited and uploaded made me realize by doing so I stole his work and offended him which wasn’t my intention at all. so I removed the photo, apologized, and learned my lesson. You should too. I don’t even care anymore that you took my work, I’m just hoping that you know it’s not cool thing ta do. don’t dismiss this message. 

Warning: Major rant ahead.

This is exactly what’s wrong. Okay, you took someone’s edit/gif but when the person who made it, kindly asks you to take it down people get all offended and take it the wrong way. It’s as simple as taking it down. The person who made it in this case is finnepicslice  and she asked you to take it down or at least give her the credit she deserves. People use the excuse, “Oh people steal watermarked gifs or edits all the time.” And that makes it okay? Because people do it all the time? What an absolute shit excuse. Her watermark was right there for goodness sake. Sure people change their URL’s from time to time but she hasn’t. If you would have taken a minute you could have easily typed her url into the seach box up there on the right, and you would have gotten her page immediately where she has a link to all of the edits she’s done. You could have searched for the one you liked and hit the reblog button not right-clicked and hit save image as. It would have saved you loads of time and you would’ve had the lovely image on your blog the right way, with the person’s credit. Okay, I might as well hit the weheartit topic since I already began this whole rant. People of weheartit which I can assume a lot of you are Tumblr users, since the majority of the stuff on there is stolen from Tumblr. CUT THE CRAP. STOP TAKING THINGS FROM OTHER TUMBLR USERS AND UPLOADING IT TO YOUR WEHEARTIT ACCOUNT! What is so hard to understand about that? You didn’t make it, so you don’t have the right to take it and distribute it to another site!!!! By doing that, other people are visiting that shitty site and are taking the edits from there and re-uploading them on here and then sourcing you. Do you not understand how, frustrating and discouraging that is? I personally took a break a few months ago when I went weeks without making gifs because I was seeing so many of my sets re-posted. All I am going to ask of my fellow MMFD fans, please, if you see a post that is uploaded on her here that is watermarked with the sources url and re-posted by another blog or you see the source as weheartit, please do not reblog it. You may not meant it but you are helping to distribute someone’s work without them being given credit. Also, I know of a few blogs who has taken a liking to taking people’s sets and making them black and white and uploading them as if they made it. I’ve got my eye on you. I’m like a hawk up in here, man. Uncertified private investigator!

So, instead of taking people gifs how about you make your own? Here I’ve got this really crappy tutorial that I made ages ago. (x)

Or you can look up tons of tutorials all over tumblr. Look, I would much rather make the ugliest, grainiest, horrible colored gif on planet Earth, than take work from someone else. Why? Because there is so much satisfaction when it’s your work. When you put in the work and time to make it.

(Here. For my fellow edit/gif makers. In case you come across someone who is a tad bit stubborn and refuses to take down your re-posted work or give you proper credit, click this link scroll to the bottom where it says email us here. Send both the link to your original post and the link to the re-posted gifs or edits and they’ll remove it in a few days. That’s what I do from time to time and I regret NOTHING! Thank you so much, Nancy henricavyll, I still love you so much for teaching me how to do this.)

Also, changing the order of gifs in a gifset doesn’t make that gifset your creation. You still didn’t make them, you took them. Sometimes I wonder why people even steal from people like me when they are crap gifs anyway. Like you could probably make better. And when they get more notes than my original post does. Grrrr.

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Wait. … wait…

don’t do that stop doing that

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"What? The litter box is full…"

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"Yankee Doodle”

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Me every day

oh my goodness

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rickyl + significant quotes 

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More Disney Parks facts here


But how could you leave out this


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pros of turning 18: can legally do the stuff i already do
cons of turning 18: no longer the dancing queen